Kora River Gorge

Kora river gorge – is one of the most beautiful mountain gorges of Semirechiye region. The river is born high up in the mountains in the kingdom of secular glaciers. Like a shy garrulous tiny brook it swoops down where its strengths are fed by hundreds of springs and sources. It is only during the winter and spring time when its waters stay tranquil and clear, however, with warming coming in all the snow covering the slopes starts to melt and the river is waking up from the winter sleepiness. The river becomes stormy, impetuous and inexorable – nipped in between the rocks it carries its grey foamy waters through the rifts turning huge boulders and ancient trees stems without any difficulty just as they were little matchsticks. The river takes its head at the height of 3,000 m above the sea level between the rocks and glaciers. Being fed by the energy of numerous springs and sources on its way of over 100 km extension, it swoops down into the valley by powerful stream and flows into the Karatal river.  The waterfall of Burkhan-Bulack is the largest waterfall in the Central Asia region and is located in the gorge of Kora river at the height of 2000 m above the sea level (1).

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Photos: Spatar Svetlana, Spatar Katerina.