We bring to the attention of our readers the article by Nadezhda Berkova “LAND OF BIRDS” AND OTHER FILMS ON NATURE: INNOVATIONS OF GENRE GENERATION, published in the Central Asian Journal of Art Studies History.

Since 2011, the series Land of Birds (Strana Ptits) has been aired on the Russian channel “Culture”. In the same year, films about birds attracted the attention of viewers and critics, and the series was awarded the Grand Prize of the international environmental festival “Bless and Save” in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Later it was awarded the National Prize “Laurus” and noted in the nomination “Best Documentary Series” at the festival “Artdocfest”.

The initiator and inspirer of the project is documentary filmmaker Svetlana Bychenko, a few years later she was joined by ornithologist Tatyana Obozova, who took a camera in her hands.

Viewers get acquainted with the films of talented filmmakers at the screenings of “Reasonable Cinema” in Moscow, and in Alma-Ata they watch and discuss at the “Green Lens” club.